Minecraft - The Complete Handbook Guide Collection

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Minecraft - The Complete Handbook Guide Collection - Combat, Redstone, Construction, Begginer's

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The Minecraft complete handbook collection contains 4 handbook in total, including the Beginner's handbook, Construction handbook, Combat handbook and Redstone handbook.

  • The Beginner's handbook acts as a starter guide to getting set up in the game, covering all the basics like choosing a game mode, your first moments in the world, creating tools, building your first shelter and improving it.
  • The Construction handbook guides you how to build yourself a city! You can have all construction guideline here and start to build your own dream city!
  • The Combat handbook features the complete list of enemies in the game along with information about health, strength, useful item drops and where to find them. Find out how to navigate to The End, fight and beat the Ender Dragon and read pro-tips on enchanting, potion making and multi-player battles.

  • The Redstone handbook provides new ways to connect and control blocks in the game, from simple piston-powered doorways to deluxe lighting systems. Just get ready to fully wired up to redstone!